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On the top is a picture of the original funeral home (1926) , along the left side is, A.M. Seigler, Sr., A.M. (Amie)Seigler & Mark Seigler On the bottom is a picture of the last privately owned funeral home ambulance and two prior employees(1974) photo

The year was 1917 when my grandfather, A.M. Seigler, Sr. moved with his family to Mulberry and began working as the towns undertaker, which is what we in the funeral business were then known as. My grandfather was first employed by a local furniture retailer to practice the trade of embalming. In 1926 my grandfather purchased a two story house, (as seen in this photograph). In 1935 the state of Florida began requiring funeral directors licenses in addition to embalmers licenses. Granddaddy obtained Florida State Funeral Directors License # 17 that same year. In 1956 granddaddy built a new funeral home located on HWY. 60 east, which is still the current location. Later, that same year granddaddy lost his life while driving a patient to the hospital in his ambulance, which was hit by a bus in Lakeland, Fl.
It was at this time, my father A.M. Seigler, Jr., better known all of his life as (Amie), acquired the funeral home. Daddy also operated ambulance service, which in those days was common for funeral homes to do. Daddy continued ambulance service with great dedication until 1974 when he was forced out due to state and federal regulations. Seiglers was the last funeral home in Polk County to stop providing this service and operated the last funeral home ambulance to exist in Polk County. Under my daddys guidance Seigler funeral home continued to grow and improve over the years.
My name is Mark Seigler and I have enjoyed sharing this brief history of my family's heritage with you. In 1975 at the age of 14 I began what has become my life long career. After high school graduation in 1980, I started college at Miami Dade Community college of funeral service, and graduated from there in 1982. I then returned to the family business, having the great privilege of working beside my father until his death in 2005. It was then that I acquired the business to carry on the Seigler family tradition of serving families in their greatest time of need. With the help of my wife Melanie, we have been able to build upon the foundation laid by my grandfather and father. We have moved Seigler Funeral Home well into the 21st century with the most up to date technology and facility you will find anywhere in the Polk County area.